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April 21, 2005

lizzie comes to visit

well, an experiment was tried last night, something i have never tried before-- lizzie the dog came to visit.

moses has always seemed to be afraid of dogs, although now that i think about it, the dogs that live next door seem to bother him a lot less now than when we first moved in. i assumed that as soon as lizzie walked in the door, moses would bolt for the bedroom and we'd see nothing from him for the rest of the evening.

what actually happened was, he acted freaked out, made his body look as large as possible, growled, but kept a safe distance. he also let me touch him without attacking me, so it was a sort of a combined agressive/submissive response. catious, but not stupid. lizzie is a lot bigger than he is.

i put him in the bedroom for the first part of the visit, then later let him out. he took a turn around the house once or twice, but mostly stayed in the bedroom, on the bed, looking alert but not distressed.

after lizzie left, he sat on the sofa with me and did all of his "i am very happy" stuff, like rolling on his back, looking up at me, smiling, and purring. so there seems to be no lingering resentment.

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