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December 09, 2007

Happy cat in Va

It seems that moses has reached a point where he's really happy at J's house. He's even comfortable being downstairs and likes to position himself at the nexus of everything (the hallway), then give us eye-squeezies while we make breakfast.

This morning while we were all hanging out upstairs, moses walked right over to Reese and started sniffing him. He never growls at Reese any more, and only scolds him when he thinks reese might be trying to get his food.

His ears and nose still look pale to me-- not the palest I've ever seen them, so hopefully the epo is at least helping him maintain-- but I would so much rather see them nice and pink. J also commented that he looked a little thinner than he did over thanksgiving. On the other hand, his coat has improved a great deal since we started the potassium and he's still pretty plump. so most of the time, he still seems like a nice soft kitty.

anyway, he's having a good time still so all is good. i think i'm going to put up a christmas tree this week so that should make life a little more interesting for him at home.

In other good news, I have a buyer for the convertible! She is offering me less than asking price but still significantly more than I'd get at carmax, and as a bonus she really seems to love the car and not be bothered at all by the cosmetic issues. i'm holding out until Monday to see if the other person offers me a higher price, but in my gut i think she had too many uncertainties about the car and i don't think she'll want it.

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