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October 03, 2007

good kitty!!

Mo's red blood cell count is now at normal levels and we are going to just twice a week on the epogen. hopefully after next week we can go to just once a week. ah sleep, blissful sleep... getting him to the vet at 8am three times a week was killing me.

i also discovered last night that his blood sugar may not have jumped right before the renal failure stuff started-- i may have started unintentionally under dosing him with insulin. several weeks ago i bought some syringes at a regular pharmacy and didn't realize that they were much smaller than the syringes i was getting from the vet. yesterday i went to use a syringe from the vet and realized the difference.

if high blood sugar (which he had for a while before we caught it) causes renal failure... i don't want to know. i didn't ask my vet this morning while i was explaining this to him, and he didn't say.

Posted by lisa at October 03, 2007 09:20 AM


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