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December 11, 2003

fat cat

ok, i've reached some kind of personal threshold with my cat's weight. i think the new atkins-style food has caused him to gain even more weight or something, because i can see a difference now in the way he walks. it's making me crazy.

so i'm feeding him very, very little. i think the package says 5/8 of a cup for a 15lb cat; moses is 21lbs right now and i feed him two very scant 1/4 cups a day.

as most of you know, we've been trying to get his weight down for years. as some of you also know, we established (via web cam) that he doesn't move at ALL during the day when i'm not there.

so diet control clearly isn't enough, i need to get his ass moving. i know i've never played with him enough, anyway, so in the evenings i'm making more of a point of that. but i'd also like to stimulate him during the day.

i'm taking suggestions. dave had the excellent suggestion of installing a birdfeeder or two.

most of my ideas involve some form of psychological torture, but at this point psychological torture sounds a lot less bad than the phsyical torture he's currently enduring. yesterday i thought of getting him a harness; he'd go crazy trying to get it off. i've thought of creating noise in the house during the day, things that would get him off the bed and moving around for a few minutes.

last night i used some mild psychological torture to get him to run back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. i made him think i was going to feed him, over and over, and never did. but damn if it didn't get him moving around.

tonight when i got home i started playing with him immediately. i still haven't fed him yet. he's a lot more active when he's hungry.

anyway, suggestions are welcome, especially for stuff that might get him moving during the day.

Posted by lisa at December 11, 2003 06:01 PM | TrackBack


the bird-feeder is a great idea. our cats totally spazz out and run from one room to the next trying to catch the birds. dumb cats.

i also find that they're more active when it's a bit chilly in the house. (they have a lot of experience with that lately ;^)

maybe make his favorite sleeping places uninhabitable? throw hard stuff all over the bed or something?

the best idea might be to let a mouse loose in the house everyday, but i suspect you won't like that idea as much as he would.

Posted by: christa on December 11, 2003 11:16 PM

in the past chilliness has made him more active so that's a good idea, i'll try that.

he'll sleep on anything. big lumps and pointy things; it's like he doesn't even feel it.

i think dave brought the mouse idea up, too, jokingly. i had actually thought of that. problem is that he'll eat the mice (god, i HOPE he'd eat them) and that's more calories than he should have. i am sure mice are very low carb but even so.

Posted by: lisa on December 12, 2003 12:14 AM

clearly, you need one of these
(way low carb!)
"when i say ro, you say bot"

Posted by: georg on December 12, 2003 09:39 AM

poor kitty! My family's cats all lived outdoors, so I don't have any brilliant ideas. Maybe get a caged bird? Hang the cage just high enough that Moses couldn't get to it. I bet it would drive him crazy to have a bird in the house. On the other hand, he might be able to scare it to death. Plus, adding another pet probably isn't what you had in mind.

Posted by: Sarah on December 12, 2003 10:24 AM

well, one of my more radical thoughts was of getting a kitten who will pester him all day. that introduces an interesting new set of problems, though, like feeding the kitten without having moses eat its food, and just generally getting moses to accept another cat at this late date.

i turned off the heat and left a window open today. i won't do that when it's 29 degrees and raining, but when it's in the 50's i think it'll be effective. he was plastered to the window screen when i left this morning. now i just need to get a birdfeeder out there.

Posted by: lisa on December 12, 2003 10:56 AM

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