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May 19, 2004

clean teeth kitty is happy kitty

moses seemed a little freaked out on the ride home, but once home he was fine. very hungry-- he wasn't allowed to eat breakfast, and i suspect they never fed him all day. given how stressful his day was, i couldn't bear to limit his food as strictly as i normally do. i know i'm probably visiting my own eating issues on my cat, and honestly i don't usually do that. he gets extremely minimal access to plate and bowl-licking-- far fewer table scraps than any cat my mom has ever owned. because he is being fed a very calorie-dense food right now, he gets extremely small amounts-- two tablespoons in the morning and three in the evening, and i stick with that religiously.

aside from that he has been very perky and seems quite content.

the vet brought a laptop into the exam room and showed me close up photos of the areas they had to work on. the cool thing was that i could see the roof of moses' mouth, which has very pronounced ridges that have nubbins all over them-- like taste buds on the roof of the mouth! i was disappointed that the vet didn't have a very full explanation of why it's like that. i did get him to tell me about the extra organ cats have in the roof of their mouths, which they can draw air into. i've heard it described as something like a combination of taste and smell. he said that in cats it's not well developed, but snakes have the same thing and they rely on it very heavily.

none of his teeth were damaged. his gums were kind of bad, but now that the bad stuff has been removed from his teeth, they will heal up a lot and the inflammation will go away. all his other test came back normal so he is a basically healthy kitty except for his weight and the arthritis in his hips. he was having trouble getting on the couch this evening which made me very sad. i should build him some ramps.

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