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January 02, 2008

a good sturdy cat & other updates

a good checkup today. PCV is up near normal again at 34% (that is, he's not anemic and the Epo is definitely still working), his weight remains stable and his electrolytes are normal.

Dr. C is giving me the Epo to administer at home now so I have two weeks worth and we don't have to go back in during that time. Yay!


despite my best efforts to get my sleeping schedule back on track, i still could not fall asleep in time to get a full night's rest last night. i did get tired on time, so i am hopeful this will work itself out in a day or two. i may have to kick moses out of the bedroom for a few nights; as I was drifting off last night I heard him come in and pee on his bedding, which of course meant getting up again and cleaning it up. ugh. i think i need to change his name from mr. kittypants to mr. pissypants.


the thought of going to mickey death for breakfast was awfully tempting this morning, but i didn't. as i was thinking about it, i realized that i haven't eaten any fast food since before christmas-- probably right around when J came to visit. he's a good influence on me that way.


i spoke with someone at my credit union this morning and finally got some good information on the convertible: we're waiting for the title to be sent to the buyer's credit union, and that should happen later this week. so basically, we're waiting. i think i should probably start her up and run her around the neighborhood for a few minutes just to be on the safe side-- it's not good for her to sit unused in the cold for so long. i'm completely paranoid that something will happen to her between now and the completion of the sale, though.

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