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February 01, 2004


slept in (clean flannel sheets, mmmmm), went to see monster with xa today. ate horribly all weekend except for dinner tonight. the combination of sleeping too much, eating badly, and the movie left me feeling fairly icky, so i decided to finally break out the yoga mat mom gave me for christmas and try some yoga.

the yoga was difficult, more than it has been in the past. just means it can do that much more for me if i stick with it, i guess :) drank a ton of water, made a decent dinner and i feel much, much better. hopefully the movie won't give me big anxiety when i'm trying to fall asleep tonight, it was pretty horrifying.

funny thing was, at dinner i was really craving some tea. i hadn't had any in a while, and it somehow seemed like something that would make me feel better. i am sure a good meal was the main reason i feel better now, but i think the tea did a little something as well. just seemed right.

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