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December 14, 2003

mittens & etc.

for those awaiting mitten news breathlessly at home, i knocked out the second mitten today. i'd start the hat, but my left hand is still f'd up and i should give it a rest.

since it's been a week and the hand doesn't feel better, really, i'm going to go to health care about it.

one slight complication; i can't get to healthcare without my car (it would take me about 45 minutes to walk from the end of campus where my building is located to the end where health care is located), and spacepod has had an intermittently blinking glow plug light all weekend. i'd rather not drive him, but the manual doesn't say not to drive it so i'll drive it to work tomorrow and hope for the best. hopefully i can get an appointment at maxwell reasonably early in the week.

What it looks like when knitting the thumb.

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