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October 02, 2006

mere days

it is only a few days until NBeast.

the weather forcast for saturday and sunday is very good. let's hope it stays that way.

the biodiesel co-op guys are talking about bringing their tanker, which should be interesting.

yesterday i bought 20' jumper cables which is enough to reach from car to car in my driveway. spacepod's battery is so dead, though, that he will need to get a transfusion for a good while before he'll start even with a jump. on the up side, i got his windows and sunroof open so he can air out. both of the forward sunroof drains are clogged and have standing water in them. compressed air did nothing to help this, it just blew bubbles in the water. next step is to ream them out with a wire. we hope we don't have to try step three, which involves removing the A pillar covers. i don't like taking apart the spacepod, even if it is just a plastic cover.

october is a big month. j is planning to visit three times, two of which are for social occasions where he will meet some of my friends.

i look forward to the Time After NBeast. time during which i can work on the house and yard, and make it lovely for haloween.

ok, time for work.

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