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April 06, 2004

looking for intranets

see, the problem with working on a corporate intranet (which i do) is, it's very difficult to see the work of one's peers at other companies, because that work is not available on the WWW for all to see

there are a few awards committees from which one can get a report with screenshots of other intranets-- but usually i find that these intranets are what i sarcastically refer to as being "delightfully content-free", or their environment is so radically different from ours at SAS that i can't glean much from looking at them.

so.. if anyone reading this can send me a screenshot of a corporate intranet without getting in trouble (and i promise, i won't tell anyone or show it to anyone), contact me offline to make arrangements. i'd be fascinated. i'll even give you a cookie if you want one. (or meat on a stick if you're on a low carb diet.)

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