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December 15, 2003


called maxwell this morning. got someone new on the phone-- i hate that. i like talking to the people who know me. (but i could hear holly laughing in the background, and she knows me, so that made me feel a bit better.)

i asked the guy if it was ok to drive the car with a flashing glow plug light. now for those who don't know, the glow plugs are specific to the diesel VW. they warm the fuel when it's cold, because diesel fuel tends to gel up. so a flashing glow plug light would logically indicate a problem with something TDI - specific, and there aren't that many TDI - specific systems in the car. The turbo and the glow plugs themselves are the two things that spring to mind. The car starts fine, so i assume the glow plugs are still functioning correctly. If the turbo weren't working, believe me, i'd know-- the engine is only 90 hp without it.

so the guy tells me to have the car TOWED. i mean, i read the manual, and the manual did not say to stop driving the car in this situation. so i express my disbelief to him, and he eventually concedes that if the car is starting ok, i probably don't need to have it towed.

anyway, i have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

then, i did what i should have done in the first place. i searched the TDI forums. guess what a flashing glow plug light means? oddly enough, it usually means that one of your brake lights is out. so much for logic.

dave is in class all week (which i think i knew and forgot, bad me), and it appears that charles has caught his wife's flu (poor guy-- he just got over a stomach virus last week, too). so my usual rides are unavailable and it would be difficult, this time around, to take spacepod elsewhere (i'd try the new Cary place if i could get a lift).

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