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April 05, 2007

Digging the local scene

While I no longer qualify-- even remotely-- as a local scenester, I still use the internet to monitor its goings-on.

to wit:

What: Scene of the Crime Rovers play the Durham Farmer's Market Opening Day of the 2007 Season

When: 11am

Where: Durham Central Park / Durham Farmers' Market Pavilion

With over 50 vendors you will find a wide selection of fresh, locally
grown produce (including organic), potted plants and herbs, cut
flowers, fresh eggs, locally produced cheeses, honey, preserves, fresh
baked goods, hand-made soaps, photographic cards of NC, sapling trees
and much more. (Fruits and vegetables are seasonal and include only
things that actually grow in North Carolina.)


alt.music.chapel-hill has been having a lively discussion, the most lively i've seen since... well, since the starlite theater/gun shop conversation, actually, and it's all about the durham "scene". or community, if you prefer. i'm thinking that after i go to the farmer's market, i should check out BCHQ. i've been driving by that godforsaken block every day for the last seven years, and there's actually something cool there now.


this week the city of durham demolished a house in our neighborhood. a house that was, apparently, well worth saving and renovating, if only it could have been removed from the clutches of its irresponsible owner.. who was, surprise of surprises, james "fireball" white. this is what the city does when it can't get a property away from the wildly irresponsible landlords like white: it tears them down and leaves an empty lot in place of what was once an historic property.

well, endangered durham reports: no longer. after outcry from citizens and other stakeholders, a moritorium on demolition has been called.

i know white isn't the only irresponsible property owner in durham, but it seems like every time we hear about a fucked up situation like this, he's the owner. it's unbelieveable the negative influence this one person has had on our neighborhoods. it's like he has no soul.

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