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April 13, 2005

like clockwork

last night was a bit of a loss. working late, eating late... the whole evening shot, then managed to be awake til 2 due to unwise caffienation. ugh.

tonight, i determined, would be different.

5:25pm, leave work. it's still light out!
5:55pm, arrive home.
6:05pm, cat is fed. mail is sorted. dinner is heating. dishes are being washed.
6:15pm, become industrious and clean disgusting windowsill over sink. rearrange items around sink so that sill is completely clear, and carefully arrange folds of lace curtain to be perfectly even.
6:35pm, i am fed.
7:00pm, tax return is under way.
9:15pm, tax return is complete and filed. return amount equals exact amount i paid for westy, just as planned one year ago when i bought her. let it not be said that i don't think in the long term.

the tax return plus a hopefully generous payment against the hvac debt next month will bring the debt down to a slightly less frightening level.

i'm having a most unfortunate desire to celebrate with real ice cream from ben & jerry's, but i don't need to be caving in to any sugar cravings right now. being able to sleep tonight would be nice.

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