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November 26, 2006

it was a dark and buttery night

the first part of last week kind of bit. i pushed through it, finished the kitchen, made the applesauce, went to the beach, scammed half a thanksgiving dinner off my folks, and j and the puppy arrived friday and we had a pretty awesome long weekend together. long weekends are good.

we made a roasted turkey breast, peas and mashed potatoes; i'd gotten an insanely huge amount of stuffing from my folks, plus gravy and pumpkin cheesecake and what with all of that we had a real fine repast last night.

this morning we met d & s for brunch at piedmont (very tasty, though next time i'll certainly go a la carte for bacon, hash browns and possibly a biscuit). it's so freaking awesome that there's this great restaurant within walking distance of my house. man.

we saw casino royal after brunch and it's true, it's the best bond movie in many a year. oh my god. i proclaimed daniel craig the beefiest bond ever. j praised the emphasis of story over gadgets.

it's taken a year but the kitteh and puppeh seem to have reached what j described over brunch as a "detante". the cat moves much more freely about house and sat nearly contentedly on my lap with the dog mere feet away. the dog is also a little more wary of or perhaps a little less curious about the cat. we started leaving them alone in the house without the cat shut up in a room. no one was eaten or injured during those times.

Posted by lisa at November 26, 2006 09:09 PM


It looks like the animals are giving you their own version of "The Peaceable Kingdom".

(And hey, how's that for a Guilfordian reference? )

By coincidence, TPK got a mention on this weekend's "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me". Paula Poundstone was thinking about the painting and wondering who was going to clean up all the mess. Or something like that.

Posted by: Phil on November 26, 2006 09:50 PM

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