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April 18, 2004

insane project women

so christa is tiling.

i'm painting my new wheels.

sarah is beading her car.

i swear, i think the three of us get more done than anyone else i know. and yet, we still find the time to play with our friends, look stunningly beautiful, and be kind to our boyfriends.

well, ok, two out of the three of us do all three of those things :) but really, if i had a boyfriend, i'd be kind to him, too.

oh, and we have jobs.

now, speaking of jobs.. and cars... it has become a joke, like really a joke, not just kind of a joke, that all the guys i meet on the personals have no car. or they have no job. if they have no job, they are probably living in their car. the exceptions are the ones who live with their mom. seriously. there are only two exceptions to this rule.

- crazy guy who disssed me: no car, no job. lives on disability, walks everywhere.

- goth boy: no car.

- chris: no car. lives with mom.

- jacob: no job, lives with mom.

- van boy: no job, lives in car.

the exceptions being the dude who asked me if i was interested in "hardcore amateur gonzo pornography" (and who turned out to be stalking his now-lesbian ex-girlfriend), and dreadlocks boy, who has a job, owns a house, and has something like six cars, most of which run.

so this dude writes to me on the personals this week. guess what? no car. then he shows me his picture and it turns out i've met him, and.. well, i'm not a fan.

i think my point here is something along the lines of, although it feels quite bad to rate a person's worth in any way by their owning or not owning a car, i fucking deserve to meet less lame guys. i guess the car doesn't actually have a lot to do with that-- it's just sort of a symptom. it would be nice to meet someone who gets as much done in a day as i do. and, in fact, there is one person on that list who does, but he's not really available.

it's inconvenient to even give a damn about guys at all right now, though, because of all the stuff i'm trying to get done.

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"we still find the time to play with our friends, look stunningly beautiful, and be kind to our boyfriends."

I don't know about your guys but I haven't seen anyone in ages and I rarely have time to do my hair anymore, much less put on makeup. But I am trying to be nice to Georg. One out of three isn't bad I guess :)

Posted by: Sarah on April 18, 2004 04:38 PM

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