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September 26, 2004


19th century hysteria: sexual shame expressed as physical symptoms. example read in the nerve blog-a-log: a woman experiences paralysis of the legs as a result of feeling desire for her uncle.

21st century hysteria: girl has weekend of sex with a guy who turns out to be a real asshole and very toxic. enjoys it immensely. later convinces herself she's got various symptomless STD's, but, fearful of the results, never goes to the doctor. and continually chooses to stay safely at home or in the company of friends who provide insulation between her and the possibility of meeting any single guys. wonders what her problem is. reads a random piece of information on the web a year and a half later and wonders.. does she feel ashamed?!?


the one exception to all of this (self-induced?) celibacy sent me another postcard this week. him i just don't know what to make of. he breezed through town, showed me a good time, and then proceeded to... completely stay in touch with me throughout his year-plus sojourn across the states. go figure.

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