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December 31, 2007

holiday in review

pre-christmas: the crappiest time of the year!

i dread christmas. i can't even muster a rational reason anymore; i just dread it. the weeks preceding the holiday were heavily scheduled for me, and not with fun things. i can maintain a tight schedule when i have to, but after a week or so it really eats at me. selling and buying cars around this time was part of the problem, a big part, actually. i wouldn't do that again.

christmas day: not actually traumatic

despite it being the last christmas our family will ever have in the house we've owned since it was built in 1948, the day itself was okay. mom is good at keeping things light and i enjoy the company of my family.

the only really bad part was that gran had a stroke on christmas eve and wound up in the hospital. i visited her in the evening and given her age (98) i wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of the end. i haven't gotten an update since then so i assume she's still with us and hopefully they've moved her into the full time care facility at her retirement home. she was awake and talking a blue streak when i saw her (although because of the stroke, only about a third of it was comprehensible, and most of it seemed to be her obsessing about her pills) so there probably wasn't much more point in her being in a hospital. she's DNR and just needs pallative care, not a bunch of tests and stuff.

bless you my child

although i am not all about the christmas booty, i did get some nice things for which i am grateful. notably, the twins gave me a heavily loaded gift card to everyone's favorite latte-serving mega-chain. i admit it; i have a real fondness for the place. i'll be making very good use of that for some time to come.

j's mom gave me a nice surprise: a gift card to everyone's favorite book-selling mega-chain. the moment we got to virginia i dragged J out to buy books (and coffee), and got the aforementioned 'ominivore's dilemma', and the new william gibson book which i have been dying to read since it came out a few months ago. in an attempt to be frugal, i had added it to my christmas wishlist-- but didn't get it.

there was also a great deal of chocolate and such things, and perhaps a few nice pieces of jewelry from someone. no, not a ring.

the nicest thing though was having J around for the entire time and for the first time in my adult life, not spending most of the holiday alone in town taking care of everyone else's cats.

such stuff as dreams

we spent most of the time in Va sleeping (yes, really sleeping), talking, reading, and thinking, with occasional bouts of eating. of the half dozen movies we wanted to see, we saw exactly one, and i've already spoken of it here. (tangentially, despite the fact that there will be no glendale ave oscars party for me to attend, i feel a compulsion to watch a lot of oscar nominated movies. so much so that i scoped out the ticket prices of all the local theaters.)

and we're home

mo and i drove home today in the blue beetle, which has performed admirably, getting 49mpg on our first tank together.

mo seems to be none the worse for wear. he enjoys our time in Va, now, so I'm not surprised.

new year

oh, i might have an internal resolution or two, but i'm keeping them to myself. i do find myself making plans, however: thinking about the farmer's market and investigating local farmers; marshaling the to-do list for the house with new energy; thinking, once again, about the poor old van.

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