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September 11, 2005

get 'em where it will really hurt

as most of you know, i've been using the Nerve online personals for many years now.

this entry was going to be all about how not to introduce a new web app to a group of users whose trust you already have. last week, the nerve personals converted from Spring Street Networks to FriendFinder, a company that bought out Spring Street. The transition has been... rough.

so rough that a group of devoted Nerve users have started a LJ community to bitch and try and find a way to make it better or an alternative.

well, it turns out that the people who run FriendFinder are total crooks. and they've got the personal information-- including credit card, birthdate, full name and e-mail address-- of thousands of people who trusted SpringStreet over the years. it wasn't just Nerve that used SpringStreet-- it was The Onion, Salon, Bust, and many more.

i'm fortunate-- any credit card number they'd have for me is at least five years old and invalid now. i've been warning my friends that i know may be affected by this. for some people this is probably going to be a total nightmare.

i'm sad for the loss of this online place i'd gotten used to over the years, even though i haven't been interested in anyone there in a while. i feel completely betrayed by SpringStreet.

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