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November 18, 2003

tinyurl o' mine

my tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/lisa - i'm rather pleased with it. (this is what the tinyurl people happen to have in their database already for "lisa").

in other geeking news, christa came over last night to burn a cd and demo charo's small-but-powerful speakers for me. (i don't really have room for my large but fabulous sounding speakers anymore, and i'm trying to find small ones that can compare.)

anyway, she saw iChat for the first time and said, "It's so cute !" i guess i've been immersed in OSX long enough that the cuteness doesn't come as a surprise to me anymore. but it is kinda cute.

the speakers, btw, sounded great, but still didn't compare with my big speakers. i'm going to go to the bose store and check those out, and i may also go back to the store where i got my speakers and basically say, look, i have a 10 year old pair of vandersteen b's-- is there a small speaker that i'm going to be happy with?

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