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November 11, 2003

the efficiency of patterns

ever since i discovered christopher alexander's a pattern language (via brian eno), i've had a mild fascination with the idea of patterns.

patterns seem to exist at the edges of modern-day computer science, like a sort of cult that we tolerate but don't quite trust. there's only one person in my department who has any real expertise in programming patterns, despite the fact that there are plenty of people doing object-oriented coding.

once you stray from programming into the world of information architecture, patterns are a little more accepted, and probably a little more useful and common-sensical. i've been catching up on my IA reading lately, and ran across Patterns for Personal Web Sites.

what this amounts to is a fairly efficient and organized account of the standards that i've intuitively grasped over the last six years of web site creation. if you're wishing i could help you with your web site, and i'm not available, go read this and (provided you can figure out how to apply it) you'll have basically gotten the same benefit that you would have had i been around to help.

of course, if i am available, i'd probably be delighted to help you fix your site. especially if it really, really needs it. in fact, the people who do the slayage site should email me now. oh my god.

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Uh oh, you've been comment spammed! I've been using the MT-Blacklist plug in to deal with these pesky links. Seems to work pretty well.

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