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September 26, 2005


i was reading some patterns web sites today, trying to find some kind of standard for indicating that a new window will open when an action is performed in a web page.

the confluence of that with an IM conversation resulted in this idea: a pattern language of geeks.

silly geek patterns i devised on the spot:

SuperLazyGeek (that's me)
HeadInTheCloudsGeek - the kind of geek who is all theory, no implementation.
BBsWereGreatGeek - the kind of geek that hung around on BBS back in the day and hasn't gotten over the fact that they are gone. A subset of RetroGeek.
RetroGeek - Geek that values old-school technology highly. Likely to be heating their residence with old Alpha boxes. A MacQuarium is not out of the question.

i could go on. i know there are at least a few geeks reading this, what are the Geek Patterns you can see?

Posted by lisa at September 26, 2005 01:52 PM


Isn't that kind of what the Geek Code is for: labeling geeks as to their particular areas of geekdom?

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas on September 26, 2005 08:14 PM

IgnorantPatternGeek: geek who is unfamiliar with the Geek Code and tries to reproduce it as a pattern language.

Posted by: lisa on September 26, 2005 09:09 PM

Wow, you nailed me! I'm a RetroGeek. I have a MacQuarium and have built machines for running MAME. Also I once ran up a $500 phone bill calling a BBS back in 7th grade. I have 2 Alphas in my garage that are useful only for heating. I think I should quit before I say any more about how I used an SE/30 for a unix terminal, and have a Mac Portable that works with ethernet. Oh wait, it's too late.

Posted by: Britt on September 28, 2005 12:19 AM

Ah yes. I so totally have your number, geek. it's waaayyy too late.

you remind me, though of one i forgot: CommodoreGeek. A subset of RetroGeek, and MusicianGeek.

Posted by: lisa on September 28, 2005 12:30 PM

I have a commodore 64c in the garage by the alphas. It worked until i dropped it from a shelf which required a ladder to reach. At least it missed the car.

Posted by: Britt on September 28, 2005 05:57 PM

CalculatorGeek, now an endangered species.

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas on September 28, 2005 11:53 PM

big calculators are hot.

Posted by: lisa on September 29, 2005 08:56 AM

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