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July 05, 2007

...and the genius says...

that i should take my ailing laptop home, erase and format the drive, and re-install the OS (in this case, i'll be upgrading to 10.4 at long last). it could be on the verge of hard drive failure in which case that either won't solve my problems or won't solve them for long.

in the meantime, the icebook is actually working a lot better than i thought it would, and it occurs to me that i should erase and format its drive, too (although maybe i already have, i can't remember).

there's a hardware tech at work who has expressed interest in my 17" powerbook (the ailing one), so if it does need a new hard drive i will probably contact him and see if he wants to buy it and put a drive in it himself, and i will get a new laptop. it looks like i can get the same screen resolution in a 15" macbook pro, and i wouldn't mind having a faster computer, bigger hard drive, and smaller form factor. so if it goes that way i won't be too upset.

i also got to play with the iphone while i was in the store. there was a little cluster of people around them but i was still able to walk right up and pick one up and try it out. it's as sweet as the advertising promises, and i hope my current cell phone lasts until the price drops and a few of the cons are resolved (mainly, for me, that includes not being able to use it to connect a laptop to the internet, and being forced to get a 2 year contract with a particular carrier).

thanks to folks who have mailed me via gmail. i really like gmail. i really, really wish i could use it at work without violating a policy. that would solve some problems for me. oh well.

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