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January 15, 2008

and one less thing...

well, if you don't pantingly refresh the liveblog of the macworld keynote speech, but actually care about what apple is up to, you may not know (and yet may be interested in knowing) that i only got half of what i wanted: they did announce a new, verrrry thin laptop called the "macbook air" that only communicates wirelessly-- that includes software installs, there's no optical drive. but they did not announce an iMac-like dock for it.

however, the dock seems so logical given what the air cannot do that i'm hoping they'll announce that later in the year. but who knows?

my resolve to wait it out and not get an iphone yet has been ground down a little by the update today-- the maps stuff sounds cool-- and by the completely unassuming and fuss-free way that friend BB looked up movie listings the other night while we were at dinner. it was like, M and i were talking about movies, and a moment later he was listing out what was showing near by.

the "time capsule" announced today is appealing, too. i don't know what a terabyte of storage normally goes for these days, but does it usually come with a wireless hub, too? neat.

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