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May 21, 2004

actual work and stuff

( unlike christa, i don't care if my work stuff is boring... cause you can always skip or skim. )

we got new pc's at work last night, which will be a good thing, but caused much frustration, irritation, and all caps venting to jason over IM this morning.

as you can imagine, being a web designer/developer, my web browser is pretty much the most important application in my computing environment. i'm pickier than the average person about it.

i happily d/l firefox and then realized why i'd continued to run it's predecessor, firebird, long after firefox came out. on my PC, for some reason, firefox lacked a back button and scroll bars. i could find no recourse for this within the UI and quickly resigned myself to using another browser. firebird is no longer available for download (that i can find), so i went with the next least worse thing, mozilla.

well, mozilla is kind of icky, and slow. and it didn't have the super awesome bookmarks setup which i'd crafted for firebird/firefox. and i couldn't find the freaking bookmarks file for firebird anywhere. geah!

so i resigned myself to also attempting to recreate those bookmarks manually in mozilla. gross! i was so exasperated that i had to listen to the funnest thing i could think of on my ipod (which happened to be "the sun and the rain" by madness) to feel better.

then i finally did what i should have done all along and vented to dave about it. he came down and showed me how to trash my bad firefox profile, force it to create a good one (with back button and scrollbars), then transfer my bookmarks file into the new profile.

viola! magickal! then, dissatisfied with the blobby, candy-colored buttons that come default on firefox, i d/l an extremely understated and beautiful theme in pearl gray. i've never been so happy with a d/l theme on anything before.

i was planning to squash an annoying bug in one of my apps today, but have been unexpectedly inundated with user requests. which i don't mind. i like helping people if i can. i like small tasks that i can complete and feel a sense of satisfaction with.

looks like i'll finally be getting a photoshop upgrade in the bargain as well-- the version on my old PC was so old that it's not available for download anymore, either. I was at 5.5; the current version, called "Photoshop CS", is version 8. my manager approved the cost of the upgrade and hopefully the IT folks will hook me up with a download license right soon.

we finally got google as the engine for our intranet search engine and this week we've been busy deploying it. it's fun to see the emails come in from people who are just tickled to have a search engine that actually works, for a change. makes me feel like we are actually doing good things with the intranet after a long period of stagnation.

now it is up to me to drive certain other things forward-- a redesign of our look and feel, a revamp of the information design on the top level, and the template we provide for departments to use seriously needs all kinds of work. i don't feel like i'm doing a very good job with that-- i'm working alone and that's very difficult. i get stuck.

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