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April 03, 2006


for those not in the greater durham area, we had some fairly massive rain today. which was cool, because my new gutter extensions got a pretty rough field test, and they appear to have done well. kudos to the young man who loaned me his rivet gun-- it was the perfect tool for the gutter job. not to mention that this job would have been impossible without the coping saw he gave me. tools are awesome.

so at lunch i went to the big blue home improvement store and bought more gutter equipment, and then went a little nuts in the garden department.

this year, i'm just going to buy the plants i like, and i'll find places for them. i've always held back on buying plants in the past because i knew i would never get them in the ground. but this year is already different. with no roswell hanging over me, no other projects tugging at my hem, and a hell of a lot more research and knowledge under my belt, it's a pleasure to work in the yard right now. with the time change, it'll be even easier.

so today i got:

eyeball plants! sarah and georg gave me one last year, and i managed to kill it, which has bummed me out ever since. not only was it a very cool plant, but it was a gift, so i both felt like a jerk and sad that i didn't have it anymore.

pterodactyls. ok, the real name of this plant is, as it turns out, setcreasea, which i did not know before today. it has pointy purple leaves that look, to me, like pterodactyl beaks. this is one of my favorite plants, so i'm pretty psyched.

dusty miller. i really like plants with oddly coloured foliage. dusty miller is one of those plants that looks like it was dusted with baby powder.

asparagus ferns. my mom had these on the front porch in hanging baskets when i was growing up, and i've always loved them.

i need to find some pretty hanging containers for the ferns, which i plan to hang from the shepherd's hooks at my front door. i think i'm going to get a pair of the nice vietnamese containers to go at my front door, and the eyeball plants will go in there. and i think i'm going to try and fit the pterodactyls and the dusty miller in the window boxes.

my window boxes look decidedly odd and they don't quite fit with my house. but that's ok. i won't say that i don't care, but i'm not going to worry about it too much.

update: gah, looking at pictures online, i don't think setcreasea is the plant that i was thinking it was. very cool looking plant, but not pterodactyls.

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