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November 14, 2005

freedom is good

i don't mean freedom in the constitutional sense (although that does have some bearing here). this blog entry is not about my politics, or about philosophy. there are no speeches in the offing, not lofty concepts with which i will ask you to contend.

no, i just relish the freedom that i have to take off at a moment's notice and travel to another state. the friend that was supposed to visit this weekend developed car troubles and couldn't drive down. so i drove up there instead, which made the weekend even more like a mini vacation. we had a great time and it was totally worth the drive (which is a pleasant one through lots of cow pastures and little towns).

this morning at work was crazyinsane. see, if i hadn't had my mini vacation, i would not have dealt with that quite so well.

big ups to xta who ensured that i came home to a happy and contented cat, not a bored, neglected and needy cat. plus, hey, her mending got done too!

Posted by lisa at November 14, 2005 01:01 PM


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