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January 05, 2007

free of the tyranny of the pager

my final day of oncall duty commenced 50 minutes ago. for something close to a decade i've been part of the intranet oncall rotation. usually it's not too onerous of a duty, although for the last year it has certainly made it challenging to see my long-distance boyfriend once every two weeks.

i imagine it will pass without fanfare. it will mean that i make less this year than last year, or maybe break even if i get a raise and/or bonus, but it will also mean a little bit of freedom, which is good. my weekends are entirely my own.

i have also decided to start taking the morning off after returning from virginia. i always carry over vacation, and at most it's six vacation days, six days i probably wouldn't use anyway. probably a lot less. why not make things a little saner? give myself a few more daylight hours at home? let the goodbye linger and not worry about it?

and i went for a walk this morning even though it meant i was late. because i'd rather walk and be late on a day when no one is going to miss me than keep skipping the walk.


yes. i realize i am quite boring.

Posted by lisa at January 05, 2007 12:49 AM


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