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April 03, 2004

writing on skin

i'm watching the pillow book, which i've not seen in years. for those not familiar, it has a lot to do with writing on skin. writing on people.

it's reminding me of this idea i had for a long time, starting when i returned from scotland back in the early 90's, that it would be good to have tattoos that were the color of freckles-- like natural markings on the skin. i wanted to get a topographical map of a hill i'd climbed tattooed on my ankle, in that color, but i never did.

then for a while after that, i tried henna tattoos of my own, always in places that wouldn't be visible normally. i didn't want something everyone could see. this was during a long period where i had no affiliations with boys, so the result was that no one ever saw them. they never worked well, they were always very faint.

a line from the movie:

woman: you've been reading my diary?
man: isn't that why people keep diaries? to be read by someone else? otherwise why keep them?

my favorite greenaway film is prospero's books, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available on dvd.

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That's a great movie quote. What happens next? Is it violent? Roald Dahl did a short story about a large tattoo on a man's back, by an artist working before his fame...

Posted by: Phil on April 4, 2004 01:34 PM

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