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February 06, 2005

movie worth mentioning: Simply Irresistable

On the surface of it, this is just a fluffly romantic comedy. And, actually, that's pretty much all it is, through and through. I originally watched it because it stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.

However, I find it has certain merits that not all fluffy romantic comedies have:

1) The clothes. Re-watching it today, I noticed for the first time that SMG's wardrobe is done by Todd Oldham, which helps explain the many beautiful yet eccentric outfits she wears. There is one early in the film that literally made me gasp, even though i have seen it many times before.

2) The food. I really do have a thing for movies with good food in them (see previous entry about 'Dead Like Me'.) I first remember experiencing this while watching Babette's Feast. After watching that movie I cooked up a storm. The food in this film is both beautiful, and looks as if it would be delicious. The restaurant featured is adorable and I love imagining myself cooking in it. Sometimes, I make up restaurant menus in my head... I know restaurants are more work than I'd want to do, and I'm not really a good enough cook, but it's fun to imagine what the menus would be if I had my own restaurant. You can believe that there would always be an excellent vegetarian option!

Perhaps my restaurant would be something like, "food for your inner child", since the foods I like the best are the kinds of foods kids like-- grilled cheese, french fries, that sort of thing.

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haha! I own this movie on VHS. The lack of chemistry between SMG and Sean Patrick Flannery is pretty painful, but I secretly like the film. Roger Ebert, the curmudgeon, actually LIKES IT TOO. He thought is was a charming throwback to the golden age of hollywood romance films.

If you look close enough you can see the string that pulls the lobster from the pot. High production values ;)

Posted by: MIke on February 7, 2005 06:46 PM

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