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February 17, 2005

i care about every pixel!

i do. i really do. i just don't have the time or the mental fortitude to give every pixel the care it deserves.

but i'm in love with the UI i'm designing right now.


went to see "ocean's twelve" tonight. decided i could not hack a serious and heartwrenching oscar nominated film with the girls so i struck out on my own.

daaaaaaamn! i didn't expect it to be so good! it was almost worth the insane amount of money i paid to see it.

i really, really love a pure heist film. not one that ends up with dead people, one that focuses on the strategy, the twists.

i think if i were going to make a movie, i'd try to make a heist film. once, sarah, shayne and i watched an allyson hannigan movie that we thought was going to be a heist film, but turned out to be short on heist and long on heroin use and violence. when it was over, someone said, "hell WE could do a better heist!"

it would be perfect really. shayne is a great planner. sarah is a great marksman. and me, well, i'm the wheel (wo)man, of course :)

i don't actually want to commit a crime; not that i have any great sympathy for rich people and insurance companies, i just don't want to wind up in jail.

oh well. it's fun to think about.

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