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January 13, 2004


see, the nice thing about the blog is i can whine, and you don't have to read it.

commence whine:

paged at 5am. bogus page. fell back asleep.
paged at 6am. not even a page, the pager just mysteriously went off. sort of fell back asleep.
alarm at 7am.
work until 7pm.
eat the insides out of two chick-fil-a sandwiches in the c-f-a parking lot. yum, dinner.
dash home; burn cd; feed cat; change clothes; explain to cat that although he is cute, i have to go. note in passing that my internet connection is hosed, think nothing of it.
radio show. show actually rocks pretty hard despite the fact that i feel sicker and more dizzy and out of it as the night wears on.
attempt to buy a diet coke to snap me out of it. the machine is out of diet coke and won't give me my money back, so i get a dr. pepper and stare at it longingly until bendte arrives.
give dr. pepper to bendte, for which she is grateful because she has not had dinner.
get home. realize that the fact that i have no internet means that my show didn't record as scheduled. dammit!!

end whine.

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