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April 06, 2005

that's better

towards the end of the day i pretty much signed off on the high-profile work project. when it goes live monday around 10-11am, y'all will get to see it. i'm iffy on linking to it from my blog, but let's just say that if you know who my employer is-- ya ain't gonna have too hard of a time finding it. unfortunately, unless you're an html/css geek, it won't seem very impressive or mean much. view the source, and look at the css to see my work on the page.

a former co-worker's husband died earlier this week-- he was only ten years older than i am. heart attack. the visitation was tonight and i considered going, but i already had plans to see mom for dinner, the visitation was out in garner, and i was dressed wildly inappropriately in a pink t-shirt and jeans. so i will show support in another way.

mom wanted to see me because, after a year of work, she has finished her first knitting project! not only was the yarn she used difficult to work with (eyelash), but the kneedles were very large, and of course it being her first project, it was slow going anyway. she got frustrated many times, and even left the first attempt in a plane in italy! but i swear she is the definition of determination and she finished that dang thing, and now she's like, "what will i knit next!!!" anyway, i had to teach her how to cast off. here she is wearing it for the first time.

we had a nice dinner at neo china and i brought home a ton of yummy leftovers. they've got wireless in the house now, and i had my laptop with me, so i was able to show them my work projects. wayne liked the interface i did for my other big work project and said, "hm, i might have to steal some code from you..."

i have to say that it's always very nice and relaxing to hang out with them. i'm very lucky to have a family that i enjoy, since so many people seem to find their families stressful.

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