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February 09, 2004

still good...

mom reports that grandma got a pacemaker this weekend, which required only local anesthetic. she is now back at the retirement home, but in the nursing section until she regains her strength. now hopefully she'll return to normal and be able to go back to her apartment, but sometimes people do have trouble recovering and get stuck in the nursing section, which would be bad.

in slightly more cheerful news, mom reports that the canada branch of the family are upholding my great-aunt de-de's tradition of vacationing in myrtle beach in march! i met de-de many years ago and was very impressed by her. mom and wayne went up for her funeral and a family reuinion last summer. i desperately wanted to go-- i've never been to canada or met any of the canadians besides de-de-- but i couldn't work out the timing. so this could be very cool.

mom showed me pics of nova scotia when they came back-- it looks just like the Isle of Skye in Scotland, which I visited many years ago. I remember having this strange feeling when I was on Skye that the unusual landscape felt very... resonant, somehow. On my grandmother's side (also de-de's side) everyone is MacDonald and MacLeod, which both have their clan castles on Skye. The section of Nova Scotia that my family lives in is extremely remote; it could not have been easy to forge a living there. I have to wonder if they chose that area because of similarities to what they were used to on Skye.

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