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February 19, 2004

dan @ home

went to mom's house to drop off the applesauce and visit at lunch. dan has been confronting the situation with school and is feeling really discouraged. (i was startled to discover that his intro to programming course is taught in fortran. what the??)

he's also still very weak and has no energy. ncsu engineering isn't exactly a cakewalk, and dan has always had to work hard to do well in school. he doesn't want to drop out, and engineering seems like the right place for him-- mom told me a story about how a piece of equipment in his hospital room broke and he fixed it making creative use of other objects in the room. but this is a pretty tough situation.

i wish i could help him with fortran-- but i think at best we'd be learning together, or more likely, he'd be teaching me!

Posted by lisa at February 19, 2004 12:59 PM | TrackBack


engineering seems to be the only place where fortran survives, unfortunately. even the math people have gone over to matlab/mathematica, with the important bits coded in c. way to go ncsu.

Posted by: cooper on February 19, 2004 01:32 PM

do they actually use the fortran for something in engineering? is he actually going to use this, as an engineer, or is it just that the engineering folks are way slow to move forward?

Posted by: lisa on February 19, 2004 01:33 PM

Fortran is still (unfortunately) heavily in use for mechancial and civil engineers, since there's a metric assload of pre-existing code for doing all sorts of things. Most other engineering schools have changed to C, C++, or even Java for their programming, but ME and CE seem mired in the 60's (one look at all the professors might provide clues).

Posted by: jason on February 20, 2004 09:49 AM

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