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February 05, 2005

dutch beetles go to ikea, too

i have bookmarked a single tag in flickr: "beetle". today i turned up this photo. from careful inspection of the license plate visible in another photo in this set, i can tell that this beetle lives in the netherlands. and from the table strapped to its roof, and the large swedish-blue concrete bunker behind it... i'm guessing it's making a trip to ikea.

see? life in europe is just the same as here. except probably with less bacon.


today i made some progress on my Big Radio Station Project; it's going slower than i'd like, however. at the moment i'm trying to untangle someone else's code to understand why their software isn't working in our environment. tiresome.

sarah came over this evening for dinner and 60's british spy thrillers. "on her majesty's secret service", and then "the ipcress file". two of my favorites. oddly, they both involve mind control, which seems quite dated today. it must have been a fascination in the 60's. i theorized that they used telly savalas as blofeld in the bond film, rather than donald pleasance, because they needed a blofeld with a suave and compelling voice to pull off the mind control stuff.

of course, both films feature tons of great 60's fashion. "the ipcress file" is populated entirely with extremely surly british people who do not seem to be very happy, which makes it very funny at times. the theme music for "on her majesty's secret service" is some of my favorite work by john barry. it's unique in that the main theme does not have a vocal. that makes it hold up a lot better than, say, something with sheena easton (or duran duran, as sarah pointed out). actually, there's a lot i could say to recommend each of these films, but i will restrain myself. if you are looking for a british spy thriller from the 60's, start with one of these.

during the course of the evening i discovered that my furnace would not light. the gas company says they have not cut me off, and a quick google search reveals that i probably don't have a pilot light, so my initial theory that it had gone out is probably bogus. i can hear it trying to light, but the fire never does start. i'll have to call someone about it. good thing it's not too cold and at least i still have power.

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