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December 03, 2003

madisgascar, land of tarika sammy and lemurs

i've been forgetting to report that i had a nice dream this week, to counterbalance the two nightmares.

i dreamt that i was in madagascar. in the dream, i thought of it as the land of tarika sammy . (i didn't think about the lemurs until after i woke up, but madagascar is also the only natural home of lemurs.)

in my dream, madagascar was a beautiful, tropical place. i was in a city that was beautifully manicured with a lot of nature and parks and old buildings. there were almost no people, but i was just fine with that. it meant that i could lay down in the grass if i felt like it, and no one was there to make me feel like i was doing something strange.

there were these tall columns, as tall as trees. they were hollow and had decorative carving around the top. they were musical instruments. the wind would blow across the top and the columns would make a sound-- like blowing across the top of a bottle. the columns were different sizes to make different pitches, and they were sized such that they would create a nice harmonic sound when they all sounded at once.

in the dream i thought, oh, that's the sound that tarika sammy uses in their music a lot.

i woke up thinking that i should play some tarika sammy on my radio show yesterday, but i forgot to.

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