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September 07, 2005

dreaming of pools

the other day, i bought one of those discount pools. i'm going to store it in the basement until next summer.

last night i had two dreams about swimming in pools.

in the first, i wanted to apply for a job, but had to swim in a pool to get the application, which was at the bottom of the pool.

in the second, i visited an acquaintance. he had an amazing late 60's era house that had never been changed or renovated, but was extremely well-preserved. it was such an amazing place. it had two swimming pools, in-ground, under a roof but with live grass growing between them. we swam in the lap pool. i was wearing a little dress and didn't have a bathing suit to change into but got into the water anyway.

my acquaintance had an amazing all-over tattoo, but not one of those solid ones, there was skin space between the images, which were very bright and started running in the water.

anyway, dreaming about two different pools in one night would seem to indicate that i have made a good call by obtaining one for myself.

Posted by lisa at September 07, 2005 09:38 PM


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