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July 17, 2005


i had a pretty bad crash this evening. and i really didn't see this coming-- i've been eating my veggies and tons of protien and regular meals and no sugar... too many starches i guess. so exasperating. at least now, i'm prepared for it. i started cooking when i started to feel a little funny. by the time i was done, it was all i could do to force it down, but at least it was good healthy stuff.

on the other hand, i did get a lot done today... had a look (a real look) at what's going to be involved in the playlist manager features i need to add and i'm trying to work out in my head the best way to accomplish it.

i spent some time trying to make dividers for my perfume tins, but they really didn't work, so i'm back to square one on that one.

i cleaned the hell out of my bathroom and attempted to install my new, unbroken shower curtain rod, which turned out to be too short. square one to the second power.

i got my wireless high speed functional again although it involved removing the gigabit router from my LAN setup. this only matters if i want speed faster than 802.11b, which i rarely do; on the up side, i should be able to use bitorrent now. do you think they have the addams family?

i ran outside into the small amount of rain we got and weeded the herb bed. although my neighbors, if they had a chance to observe this, must think i am certifiable now, i was all happy nature girl and stuff. and now the weeds are out.

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