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March 05, 2004

crushes - 6th grade

well, once christa told me about her idea i knew i wouldn't be able to leave it alone for long. and so here we go.

will it be a catalog of many love interests, both successful and unsuccessful? will it be a catalog of only unrequited crushes? tempting, but depressing. i don't know. we'll see.

the first crush i really recall was john greene in the sixth grade. sixth grade was hell; i'm astounded my spirit wasn't so crushed that i was actually able to have a crush.

bitch.JPG i confided it in a girl i thought completely trustworthy. she told other girls and soon the whole class knew. i was mortified.

that was that.

oddly, to this day i cannot resist telling at least one person about almost all of my crushes. i have never been able to keep that information to myself. apparently this early negative conditioning had no effect.

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