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August 02, 2005

what i'd really like to say is...

a lot of people ask me questions about the text on the side of my car. i get a lot of the same questions over and over, and some of them are kind of depressing. most people assume that it's a paid advertisement; most people ask if biodiesel is "really that much cheaper?"

sometimes i just want to take the text off and have nothing about biodiesel on my car. but if i replace the text with other text.. this is what i'd really like to say:

this is a diesel car that has not been modified. it runs on fuel made from vegetable oil, called biodiesel. yes, it is really running on that right now. no, this is not an advertisement and "they" have not paid for this. i do not run biodeisel because it is cheaper in terms of money; rather, because it is cheaper in terms of human life and damage to the environment.

but that probably wouldn't be very nice, now would it? a little on the self-righteous side.

Posted by lisa at August 02, 2005 07:26 AM


It's hard to answer the same questions over and over without sounding frustrated. You might be able to do that in a way that didn't sound hostile by rewording a bit (ie "no one is paying me" rather than ""they" are not paying me") and putting it in a sign that was titled "answers to frequently asked questions" or something like that.

Posted by: Sarah on August 2, 2005 12:16 PM

I saw you on my commute home a couple of months ago, didn't know that you ran on biodiesel, liked reading the text, and continued slightly more cheerful on with my commute. I would've honked and given you a thumbs up or something, but got worried I would've creeped you out.

Posted by: Elizabeth on August 3, 2005 03:35 PM

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