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April 29, 2004

the sad story of lance

ok a long time ago (maybe five years or so) there was this dude named lance. he was looking for the same kind of bug that i was looking for, except in yellow. at the time, they were very hard to find. so we helped each other. he was down in n'awlins and i was up here in NC so we'd call around to dealerships and try to get the scoop both for ourselves and each other.

and we got to be friends.

and then we met up at the first roswell event. he was shooting tons of video, just like i was, and he was planning to sell a video cd to event participants. money was even collected and sent to him.

well you see where this is going i guess.

he never came through with the video cd's and just disappeared with the money. i was the last of the beetle people that he corresponded with; he was supposed to fly up for my halloween party and of course we'd even struck up a flirtation. he said he bought a plane ticket. maybe he even did. i last heard from him about a month before that party... that would have been october, 2000.

well now it's some years later and i'm going back through my old web site from the first year and finding the names of people who have disappeared from the beetle world, and i thought, hm...

so i googled him, not expecting a result... he was always pretty privacy conscious.

but here i am with a domain name that belongs to him, and whois lookup quickly provided me with an address and phone number in seattle-- which is where he did say he wanted to move.

so now what? wouldn't it be cool if i could somehow get that video footage from him? no hard feelings about the money or anything like that, i just want to see those interviews and show them to other people. if i called him, how would he react? ok, so he'd never get off his duff and actually send me the footage, if he even still has it, if he even agreed to give it up to me. i guess.

wouldn't it be great if i could get an interview with him? maybe find out what the hell happened?

Posted by lisa at April 29, 2004 05:51 PM | TrackBack


while a call out of the blue may shock him into a heart attack, i think it's probably the best way to contact him. email would probably just go unanswered. i bet he'd love to hear from you, really.

Posted by: christa on April 29, 2004 08:27 PM

I think there are two major schools of thought on this question. First, the "don't pick at scabs" school ( 80% of the US population), and second, the "digging is how cool stuff gets found" school (~5% of the population). Perhaps the first step for most questions such as these is to answer the pre-question "Do I know what I want/expect out of this?" (The multi-part answers may of course include "nothing in particular".)

Posted by: Phil on May 2, 2004 11:24 AM

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