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April 07, 2004

the big ass to-do list (BATDL)

inspired by sarah, i've put together my first comprehensive roswell to-do list. now, it's my turn to scream and panic, although i have two months and not just one.


the wheel project
- order correct rubbing compound
- clean back porch
- put up sheets on back porch (dust)
- paint wheels
- order tires
- have tires mounted
- call about spider caps... ????

vinyl decals
- get one-time use files from kirk for r2k decals
- get r2k decals, biodiesel text, and repairs to allpods url done at sign shop

- order needed zaino products
- arrange to detail car at beach mem day weekend

- decide, upholstry or covers
- order/schedule

gearshift (if time)
- select & order gearshift knob and boot
- replace

- get tape residue off bra (from parade)
- fix torn areas if possible

general mechanical
- schedule oil change and checkup
- inspection (may or june)

- get table dimensions from david
- design for vinyl banner, order banner
- plan what to do with cube
- plan how to pack cube safely
- plan other things to do with booth. IDEAS???
- easel with poster on foamcore?

web site:
- finish implementation of design
- plan MT structure
- implementation in MT
- full implementation of map code
- photo handling?
- video handling?

- plan follow-up interviews
- get interview with tyler
- do i need a better mic?
- test out iMovie on the new powerbook

web cams:
- d/l software to powerbook and test
- repair broken cam mount
- recruit web cam car in parking lot, in case sp is inside

- decide if we're taking the back seat or not
- create packing list

service contacts
- complete compilation of service contacts
- post to web site
- print

- unknown, hopefully steph and bj will do all the work.

printed materials
- determine what is needed
- design/ print bizcards
- design/ print any needed posters, mount on foamcore if needed

- get ipod repaired (set it off today) or replaced

Posted by lisa at April 07, 2004 02:23 PM | TrackBack


Reading your list reminded me of some things to add to mine. Thanks (I think!)

I was amused by your "bra" entry, because I've also got a "bra" entry on my list. But mine is "buy backless bra for party dress" :)

Posted by: Sarah on April 7, 2004 04:05 PM

dang, i was going to comment on the hilarity of the bra entry too, but sarah beat me to it. :)

Posted by: alicia on April 7, 2004 04:21 PM

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