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April 20, 2007

spacepod's day

i had planned to attack the basement today, but decided instead to continue work on spacepod.

he's got a new shift boot and knob now, courtesy of J. it was a gift, a very thoughtful one. he noticed that the original boot was worn, got spacepod's VIN once when i wasn't around, and ordered it from his local vw dealer, all as a surprise.

i removed parts of the interior so i could access a clogged sunroof drain and with repeated snaking out, flushing with water and with canned air, i believe i unclogged it. the crap inside the drain smelled like dog shit. seriously.

i organized all of his jumper cables and whatnot into a tote.

i took him to the spa for a nice bath and vacuuming.

i think i've decided i'm going to replace the windshield. in addition to the zillions of tiny specs of... something... that have been cemented to it for years, it's also distincly sandblasted, has a bullseye, and the UV film needs to be taken off, which would cost money. i think i might as well replace it.

there are still many issues to be resolved. i mean, it wouldn't be a trip to roswell if spacepod didn't go to the body shop and get all fussed over, right?

still to do...

panzer plate to replace the useless stock engine shield that has been torn off (again).

body shop to deal with peeling paint, cracked foglight lens, broken door handle

removal of all vinyl on the sides, and replacement of the big symbol (but not the biodiesel lettering)

polishing with zaino polish for scratched paint.

replacement of scratched dash plates.

and ideally-- a lift kit.

Posted by lisa at April 20, 2007 09:54 PM


My windshield has zillions of specks on it, too ... ask if I was driving through a sandstorm or something. It's annoying ... but if I were going to spend money on my car I should probably spend it on the suspension first.

Posted by: lisa b on April 21, 2007 08:14 AM

Cool -- yay for Spacepod! I've heard replacing the shift knob and boot is kind of scary because you have to actually break the old one to get it off. That was so nice of J. to order it for you!

Posted by: Stephanie on April 21, 2007 09:11 AM

stephanie: i had heard that too, and i'm ashamed to admit how long i procrastinated, for that reason. i've had the new shift knob/boot for a long time. but it was actually quite trivial, maybe a five minute job. there's a metal band that helps hold the knob in place that you have to bend or break to remove, and then after that you just pull the old one off, push the new one on, and crimp the new metal band.

lisa b: i want to replace it because it's a safety hazard when the sun is low in the sky-- it causes a lot of glare and there are rare times when i cannot see anything because of it. my theory is that it's tree sap, because sandblasting usually results in scratches rather than specs-- i think.

Posted by: lisa on April 21, 2007 10:45 AM

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