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December 13, 2007


seems like everything is moving so slowly.

i worked on the convertible roof tonight with two different things. first i tried 303 convertible top cleaner which seemed to knock it back a little (difficult to tell while it's still wet) but i could tell there was still a stain there even after a lot of scrubbing.

then i tried my mr. clean magic sponge and that really seemed to have an effect. it didn't get 100% of the stain but i'm pretty sure it made a noticeable dent. so it's a matter of whether this buyer is okay with a 90% improvement or if that's not going to be good enough.

i also took it to a detail shop today and they basically told me the same thing-- they could probably make a big improvement but they can't get it back to showroom perfect.


i myself seem to be moving particularly slowly today. it's weird, it's almost like being sick except that i have no other symptoms. i'm just really tired and not energetic.


i finally worked up enough enthusiasm to put lights on my xmas tree, although not ornaments. the lights are my favorite part, anyway.

i haven't bought a single present and don't even really know what i'm going to give most of the people on my list. guess i'll work on that this weekend, if it's not fully occupied with removing stains from the damn convertible roof. buy stock in the mr. clean corporation now, cause i might be buying a case of those awesome little suckers.


oh, and i procrastinated on renewing the allpods domain and now it's dead. i'm in a weird limbo where i can't tell if my renewal went through, my registrar hasn't answered my support email, and the domain isn't working... which means that comments on my blog aren't working. i can't find where in moveable type i defined allpods as the cgi url so i can't change it to a working url. i'm not too worried about the domain being stolen because, you know, who's going to want THAT domain? i'm just annoyed (at myself, mainly) at the down time.

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