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October 15, 2005


it's good to be home!

travelling with jason/sylvia wrath/sean is always great. these are people who like to eat their way through wherever they are going, and actually put some thought into what they eat, which is a mode of travel that i heartily endorse. in fact, i felt inspired to be more brave about trying new flavors, and ate a kalamata olive on friday night at dinner. the flavor was complex, and some parts of it were good, but there was one flavor that tasted like a medicine that i had as a child, which was not so good. but i could see trying kalamata olives again, especially really good ones, like in that hot almond and olive appetizer at federal.

i didn't go crazy, though, and try to eat eggs for breakfast while hungover this morning. that would have been asking for all kinds of trouble.

the microcar museum was amazing. he even let us drive them! and, sadly, we broke two of them. well, i don't know if we broke them but they broke while we were driving. 50 year old cars are finicky that way, though, and bruce, the man who owns the museum, was very cool about it.

i took many, many photos. they are uploading to flickr now, and i'll sift through and caption them later. jason got a few of me and sean driving that i'm sure i'll link to, once they go up.

i think the citroen 2cv is about the size of a microcar, so it's a little surprising that he doesn't have one-- perhaps they are just too common to be worth the space.

i saw a smart up close for the first time-- i want one. they need to start importing that car to the US, seriously. it's probably bigger than the new mini cooper, and much more swank and roomy inside, plus of course the fuel mileage should be far superior. i might almost be willing to take on a car payment again to get one. might.

yeah, i'm gonna need a garage one of these days...

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