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April 17, 2004

all good

i talked to neil (aka van boy) yesterday about how much a good, running diesel westy with all the camping gear should go for. it was more than i was thinking-- a lot more. he said he paid $4500 for his and that was on the low side given its good condition.

so i went to bed thinking, "i can't do this. no way."

but, as always, sleeping on something gives me clarity. i realized that if i did do it, there is a smart financial way to handle it-- a home equity line of credit. the interest is low, and tax deductible. but that should really be saved for home renovation and emergencies-- using it to buy a car that i don't need is a little iffy.

then this morning i got some comment spam on an entry from january that i'd forgotten about, called camper desire. i went back and read that entry, and, more importantly, the one right after it, daily driver.

i had not completely forgotten that i wanted a second daily driver to help keep the miles down on spacepod, but until i talked to neil yesterday, i think i didn't really seriously consider that a diesel westy could be a really viable daily driver.

but they can. the first thing neil said to me was, "diesel westy's-- they're great." he's put 23k miles on his and it's got around 140k total miles. as long as you don't push the engine too hard, it's pretty sturdy. and when it goes, replacements are cheap and easy to come by.

the notion that i'd be able to drive it to work and on trips reliably puts things in a whole new light. neil also said they're one of the simplest cars out there after the aircooled vw's-- therefore, a reasonable learning platform.

i heard yesterday from a friend in raleigh who knows his way around cars pretty well that he's willing to help me if i get in over my head mechanically; he'll also go out to look at it with me if we can work out the timing.

i'm still waiting to hear back from the seller. i may write to him again and tell him i'm a lot more interested than i realized. hopefully it's not already sold.

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