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December 02, 2003

a parade to remember!

ok, i know no one likes to get up early, but y'all should come watch me and sarah in the chapel hill christmas parade this weekend.

it starts at 10am and goes til noon, right down franklin street.

undersea mah jongg will be in full effect, with tinsel, christmas decors and the bubble machine turned up to 13.

spacepod will be decked out in 120 feet of tinsel garland, with bows and a jingle bell wreath on his ass. if i get it together, the aluminum christmas tree will be mounted on his roof.

my friends tim & shelley keys will be coming down from virginia in their trophy-winning red and green bugs.

and now it looks like my pal dan will be coming up from SC in his blue bug, and he's looking to mount an 8-foot inflatable santa on his roof.

now that's worth getting your ass to chapel hill at 10am on a saturday morning--right?

if you are going to come spectate and want to lunch with us after, get in touch and i'll let you know what the lunch plan is.

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According to weather.com, it's supposed to be freakin cold on Sat., with a 30% chance of rain. Here's hoping the rain holds off till later in the day!

Posted by: Sarah on December 3, 2003 07:57 AM

seriously. last year i remember it was wicked cold and WINDY.

i'm trying to finish a matching scarf - mittens - hat set to wear. the scarf is nearly done and that's the time-consuming part. the hat and mittens will go pretty quick.

Posted by: lisa on December 3, 2003 09:41 AM

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