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October 10, 2007

breaking point

i feel like i'm at the breaking point today. mostly that's due to sleep deprivation, i always feel that way when i haven't gotten enough sleep.

last night the reliable car died and will need to be towed. i think it's an issue in the charging system-- it's under warranty, hopefully this will be covered. fortunately the high mileage, older car is running strong these days. i was going to deal with it this morning, but moses' breathing has been really congested this week and i decided this morning that it shouldn't wait until our next scheduled vet visit on friday.

he's fine, it's not in his lungs and it's not his heart. we're going to try and knock it back to the usual tolerable level with an antibiotic that hasn't given him problems in the past. the vet and i are both afraid of the one that we were trying when the renal failure occurred-- we won't be using that one again.

i'll deal with the car tonight, and then i have to log into a user's PC at work to get a look at an issue that I can't reproduce on my own computer. e.g., i'm working late tonight.

so much for my plan to finish painting the back bedroom this week-- my long abandoned project. of course, the reason i didn't work on it last night was because i actually went out and had fun and saw a movie with friends. i won't make that mistake again.

anyway, i had trouble getting to sleep, it was around 2:30 or so i guess. then i sort of half woke up before dawn and never really slept fully again. so that's, what, four hours? nothing looks good on that little sleep.

i'm so sick of going to the vet.

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