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December 12, 2003

and i thought i was bad

sometimes, especially around the time of roswell, i pay my bills late. i always pay them within the month that they're supposed to be paid, but sometimes it goes as late as the 22nd or 23rd. i hate this habit, and i should probably set up online billpaying and automatic withdrawl to help alleviate it. i'm just really paranoid about that kind of thing.

ok, now i am watching an episode of "clean sweep" and something they found in the house just blew my mind. the organizer found some unpaid bills. by some i mean an entire box full. it was a box about 12" x 8" completely stuffed with unpaid bills and other mail that required attention. the organizer found unopened envelopes with new credit cards in them that had never been activated. i... can't even begin to imagine living that way. the stress of having that sit around must be unreal.

it's also kind of heartening to realize that, although i still have a clutter problem, i'm not bad enough to really qualify for this show (i think), and i'm SO much better than i used to be. most of my current clutter could be sold at a yard sale or given to goodwill, whereas in the past most of my clutter was garbage.

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one of my bills is paid automatically from my checking account on the 20th of each month. i thought it would be convenient, but i always forget to write it down in my ledger. so on the 21st i'm $31.95 poorer and don't realize it until i get my bank statement a couple weeks later.

i'm afraid if i had all my bills paid that way i'd be constantly bouncing checks.

i do use online banking for tons of other stuff, though. transferring money, seeing what checks have cleared, etc. i love it.

Posted by: christa on December 12, 2003 11:20 PM

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