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April 05, 2004


so i got a ton of work done on the allpods layout this weekend. i was really happily surprised to find that it looks about the same on a bunch of OSX browsers as well as on IE5 for OS9. usually IE5/os9 is held out as the one modern browser that doesn't render stylesheets correctly.

however, i was dismayed to get to work and discover that things are slightly off in mozilla/windows, and WAY off in IE6/win. unfortunately, IE6/win is probably the most prevalent browser out there so i'm going to have to design for it. grr.

i don't think it'll be too difficult; i'll just have to make some minor design compromises that i don't really mind making, anyway. hopefully that'll be the size of it.

when i've got something i'm satisfied with, i'll post it here-- i'm hoping y'all can help me by doing a little testing for me.

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